Favourite Press Kit Examples

Fig 1. Die Gute Fabrik 2021. Mutazoine 2021. [GIF]

Mutazoine – The Press Kit highlights the beauty of the hand-drawn illustration, part of the USP for this game.

Fig 2. That Game Company 2021. Sky: Children of Light [Image]

Sky – A big-budget mobile game that is glossed with beautiful serene animations and artwork.

Fig 3. Ustwo 2021. Monument Valley [Image]

Monument Valley – A Short Hike and Monument Valley both value an uncluttered, simple but beautiful approach to their press kits and marketing materials.

Building The Press Kit

“A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a little sliver of your site dedicated to making journalists’ lives easier. If you’ve ever wanted coverage for a game or a notable company update, do yourself a favor and make it simple for media outlets to cover you with a kit” (Carriker 2017).

What to include?

  • Company Information.
  • App Preview Video.
  • Platform Release Information ( App Store / GooglePlay / Amazon / Steam etc… ).
  • Price ( Paid / Freemium ).
  • Game Title and Description.
  • Launch Date.
  • Game Screenshots.
  • Game Icon.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Artwork.
Fig 4. Luna and the Shadow Dust 2021. Lantern Studios [Image]

To work out what to include, I thought of everything a journalist might need. One of my favourite press kits is Luna and the shadow dust, which takes a crammed full of beautiful images and amazingness approach similar to the Hades Press Kit. On the other hand, a minimalist approach like Monument Valley or A Short Hike both from Ustwo games is equally as attractive

A Press Kit shows off the personality and USP of the game while not forgetting to highlight the personality of that individual studio. Flora.Games and Flora Fatalis are a little eccentric, busy and exuberant!

Please see the final version of my press kit here.

Fig 5. Masters 2021 Desktop Wallpaper3

Writing The Press Release

Favourite Press Release Examples

Fig 6. Die Gute Fabrik 2021. Mutazoine [Image]

Fig 7. Metacore 2021. Merge Mansion [Image]

Fig 8. Hidea 2021. Cats & Soup [Image]

  • Headline
  • First Paragraph
  • Gameplay
  • Plants
  • News
  • Quote
  • Media

The best way to start to write my press release was by reading examples from other game studios. Mutazoine, Merge Manion and Cats and Soup all display a similar tone of excitement and fun in their press release’s – it’s important to tell a story, be unique and certainly not dry! “Follow the basic guidelines for the form but your content has to be catchy, spicy, adorable, funny, surprising…it has to be different, unique!” (Yohann 2018). The most important part is the headline, which I have called on my copy and SEO skills to create something catchy, succinct and eye-grabbing.

My boiler plate is also an important part of a press release, who, what, when, where and why (how) are Flora.Games. “A boiler-plate is also what goes at the very end of a press release, if you ever go down that rabbit hole. You can check out some recent ones on Gamasutra– just scroll to the end and you’ll usually see an “About” section at the end of each release” (Carriker 2017). Boiler Plate “This is the summary of your company in a nutshell. It’s no bigger than a paragraph and you probably already have a good idea of what it should consist of, even if you’ve never written it down. It’s that 30-second overview you give when someone asks what your company does. (Carriker 2017). More than just Flora Fatalis, or deadly gardening, what is a games studio I would hypothetically found about?

See the Press Release below!

Fig 9. Masters 2021. Angels Trumpet Concept

Press Release

‘FLORA FATALIS, a build your own garden game with a deadly twist!’

The Press Release: https://flora.games/press-release/

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