Sprint 7 major development ceases and we start to polish all the materials and artwork. Some features, like dried flower and potion mixing, will need to be cut from the vertical slice as a result and while this is a shame it’s essential that the trailer, video and all the marketing materials look their absolute best.

My ambition for Flora Fatalis is to have a well-polished vertical slice, paying close attention to details. I would like the game to play smoothly and rather than focus on extra features, make sure what works, works well.

Winding up the features

Remaining bugs

  • Some of my spawn points are broken
  • New Pet has arrived
  • New Seeds have arrived

Attracting Pets!

Fig 1. Masters 2021. Pet Arrival

This last sprint I finished programming a new pet to arrive! When you plant a certain number of plants you attract a brand new pet! The Pet number is then updated on the UI so you can see how many you’ve collected.

Last Minute Features

Win Condition

I’ve added a win condition, you unlock a new garden Fatal Funghi when you reach 10,000 diamonds!

Unlock Greenhouse

You can also unlock equipment like the greenhouse when you reach 100 diamons profit!

Fig 2. Masters 2021. Win Condition

Mobile Phone Suitability

Fig 3. Masters 2021. Mobile Mockup Vid

I have designed all the elements to fit a mobile phone (optimised to be displayed landscape).

Fig 4. Masters 2021. Mobile Mockup

Fig 5. Masters 2021. Video

Final Juice & Polish!

Camera Shake & Thunder

ProCamera2D has preset shake options including ‘large explosion’. I programmed this in time with a flash of a yellow image at low opacity on the Canvas and accompanying sound effects. Storms will randomly appear along with snow, rain, cold and heat while you play.

I’m pretty happy with the result!

Fig 6. Masters 2021. Thunder

Pay for Store Mockup

Fig 7. Masters 2021. Mockup

The store mockup is just to demonstrate a way you could implement in-game purchases.

Collect Cards

I have added all the cards to view, on a phone you would probably want just one to view at a time and a swipe option (ran out of time to implement it that way).

Fig 8. Masters 2021. Collect Cards

Juice that UI

Animation & sound for new new seeds, pets, equipment and unlocking a new garden!

Fig 9. Masters 2021. New Garden Unlocked

So many particles

And lastly I added more particle generators to each individual plant and to the forest, so that they looked extra beautiful.

Fig 10. Masters 2021. Particles particles particles

Sprint Retrospective

Sprint 7 also included polishing the marketing materials like The App Store, Press Kit, Press Release and Social Media Presence as well as recording a video of the gameplay.

List of figures

Figure 1. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Pet Arrival.

Figure 2. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Win Condition.

Figure 3. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Mobile Mockup Vid.

Figure 4. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Mobile Mockup.

Figure 5. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Video.

Figure 6. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Thunder.

Figure 7. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Mockup.

Figure 8. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Collect Cards.

Figure 9. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. New Garden Unlocked.

Figure 10. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Particles particles particles.